Who Are US Jews? Fake Jew & Brandeis Uni-versity Prof. Leonard Saxe Condemned For Attempts To Legitimze Western Jew Propa-ganda – Blacks Against White America (BAWA)

More than 60 of these researchers and policy professionals gathered last week at Brandeis University for an extraordinarily open and productive discussion of how to study American Jewry. Hosted by the Steinhardt Social Research Institute and co-sponsored by several other academic and research organizations, support for the conference came from private philanthropies.

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  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger said:

    You have believed a fabricated lie and support it spreading lies. The God of Abraham will look at you in disgust.
    U can be black and a Jew. U can be Chinese and be a Jews. For you to call Jews “white” is ingnorant. Jews are tan from living in the levant for thousands of years.

    Take brown sugar for instance. It’s brown, but if u mix it with any color kool aid then it will turn that color. But not all brown sugar is blue koolaid. That is ignorant.

    Ur a black supremicist and need to stop focusing on race.

    There are racist undertones over a lot of your material. Stop blaming everyone else for your problems and accept responsibility for your own life.

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