Fake Jew Foxman Calls Out Religious Racial Terrorist & Suspected Pedophile Archbishop Gilbert For Comments Likening Politicians in Trinidad &Tobago (Fake, White) Jews

“The Jews were compassionate and caring for their own, they were compassionate and caring to the people of their nation, to the people of their race, to the people of their ethnic communities. However, that wasn’t enough for Jesus.  Jesus took that teaching and universalized it,” Archbishop Gilbert told his congregation, according to a news report.  “In many cases in this country, there are people who love one another, who are compassionate, but they have the mindset of the original Jewish people.  They are good to their own … but they have not universalized the concept of love.”

Fake Jew Abraham Foxman

Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, said the archbishop’s statements as reported were “a disturbing repackaging of ancient anti-Jewish canards and supersessionist beliefs.

“Archbishop Gilbert devalues Judaism over and against Christianity,” said Mr. Foxman.  “The false notion that Jews only care about themselves and don’t care enough about others is one of the major pillars of classical anti-Semitism.”



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