Illegitimate Israelis Inbreeding! Cursed & Fake Chosen Children of God Demand Money For Abortion Failures! Should Psychotic Culture of White Birthright Thieves Be Imprisoned & Chattled for Slavery? Fake Regime’s Inbred Mutants New Demonic Sacrificial Weapon?

According to, wrongful life claims are more prevalent in illegitimate Israel where a higher rate of genetic disorders caused by consanguineous (connected by kinship) marriages (incest) has fueled a “pro-genetic testing culture.” The county has seen an estimated 600 wrongful cases since the first in 1987.

“Illegitimate Israel is a culture of white psychopaths whose narcissism is even above the narcissism of Western whites  who, by tradition, were born into Christianity rather than Judaism.

“And it is important to remember that the self styled Jews of the illegitimate Israeli regime claim the birthright by tradition – not blood,” a New Earth Geography Planner (NEGP) source. “At this point in history, on the eve of the regime’s destruction, we must map whether these inbred impostors should be imprisoned, forced into abuse token chattel slavery or  (because Pheomelanin is carcinogenic) removed from the earth.”


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