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“But when you see the Obamanation of Desolation standing where it should not be (let the reader understand), then those who are in Judea (the imposter regime of so called Jews)  flee (back) to the Caucasus  mountains (from whence they came)..



Ashkenazi Jews are a mix of genetic ancestries, far more of which than previously thought originating in tribes from the Caucasus – a region that sits in between Eastern Europe and Asia between the Black and the Caspian seas, Reuters reports. Those Slav, Scythian, Hunnic-Bulgar, Iranian, Alan and Turkic tribes formed a confederation that created the Khazar empire – which at its height stretched from Kiev in the west to the Aral Sea in the southeast. Members of those tribes, thought to be primarily from the upper and merchant classes, converted to Judaism in the 8th century CE, a new genetic study has found. Those conversions are believed to have been sparked by a small number of Jews with origins in the biblical Land of Israel who traveled to the region. Read More


The Holy Bible teaches that the Negro descendents of the TransAtlantic slave trade and the Native American Indians are the real Lost tribes of Israel. The Africans are a seperate people that descend from Ham but the Negros descend from Shem Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. The people currently living in Israel are FALSE Jews and imposters. This is what “Helen Thomas” was talking about but she didnt know who the real Hebrews were. This is one of the biggest secrets that the government doesnt want anyone to know. It was Bible prophecy for the Hebrews to go into slavery and lose there heritage. Notice in the Bible the Hebrews have always been enslaved by most great kingdoms from Ancient Egypt to Ancient Babylon to Babylon the Great (America) and etc. Read More


AP News Quote:

ISTANBUL (AP) — Militant leaders from the Islamic State group and al-Qaida gathered at a farm house in northern Syria last week and agreed on a plan to stop fighting each other and work together against their opponents, a high-level Syrian opposition official and a rebel commander have told The Associated Press.

Such an accord could present new difficulties for Washington’s strategy against the IS group. While warplanes from a U.S.-led coalition strike militants from the air, the Obama administration has counted on arming “moderate” rebel factions to push them back on the ground. Those rebels, already considered relatively weak and disorganized, would face far stronger opposition if the two heavy-hitting militant groups now are working together

The Edomites were in Israel when the JEWS were in Israel. King Herod which was not a JEW was an Edomite. They dwelled amongst the JEWS, ate with the JEWS adopted their practices, culture etc. Later when Titus besieged Jerusalem and killed the Israelites and sold the younger ones to the Ethiopians, Arabs, and Egyptians. The Edomites who resided in Israel, later proclaimed themselves to be the house of ISRAEL, and are now recognized as Israel today by the majority of the world.