I saw this earlier in the week & didn’t stop to read i.e. investigate. This monster is a result of the illegitimate regime’s atrocities. The earth despises the Synagogue of Satan. The whole of it all, with the imposter Jews who reside their have been found guilty of unforgivable atrocities by Divine Racial Karma which has ordered all that they have done unto others (multiplied by infinity) returned unto them.

A baby was born in Israel whose face looks like the Antichrist,
Allah (swt) has said in the Qur’an THAT a baby who looked like the Antichrist will be born in Israel and it is a marker of the day of reckoning.
It has been stated also in the Koran that this mark
is a part of the sign before the enactment of the Day of Judgment. Therefore, the Muslims and muslimat should have already started to change and perform the prayer.
You never know when doomsday arrives …..
# Free Palestine waiting for signs of Doomsday … ..
-Person malign descent (grandfather – grandmother) of others.
-Clothing Which exhibited almost the entire limb (curves)
-Tiada Again star in the sky
-Kemunculan Mahdi
-kemunculan Dajjal
-Turunnya Prophet Isa Al-Masih …
-Kemunculan Yajooj – Majooj ..
-Terbitnya Sun from the west; where the doors will be closed forgiveness
-Dab’bat Al-Ard will emerge from the ground and will alert the Muslims in truth ..
-Kabut For 40 days .. that would kill people who believe in God benar2 so that they no longer have to watch the other signs.
-A Large fires (terrible) … will lead to destruction.
-Kehancuran / Spoiling the Kaaba
-Hilangnya Writings in the Koran.
-Sangkakala Blown the first time; all animals and unbelievers will die and all the mountains and buildings will be destroyed.
-Sangkakala Blown for the second time;
all of God’s creation will die and will be gathered in the field Arafat to be judged.
-Matahari Will approach the earth …
Prophet Muhammad said:
‘Anyone who spread the word to others, will I put him in Jannah on the Day of Judgment ….
Let’s see if the devil stop
(Probably mean = stop the spread of this message).
# Please share this message ….. hopefully useful.


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