The TRUE Hebrew Israelites are those People Whose Fathers are Of Negroid, Latino or Native American Descent.  (Link)

The true Hebrews of the Bible—from the 12 tribes of Jacob’s sons, on through the generations to Jesus and those who came after—all had skin as dark as the earth. Some of the tribes traveled to the New World, by boat, where they are now represented by the native peoples of the Caribbean and North and South America. Others fled from the Roman army and settled in Africa, where they would one day be sold as slaves by the nations whose lands they had occupied.

Black Jews ruled the world from ancient times until the Enlightenment. King Tut and Socrates were Black Hebrews. And centuries later, many of their kin survived Rome’s terror and rose to prominence in Europe—Shakespeare, King Arthur, Mozart—all were black and Jewish.

See: “Those Mongrels Ain’t Jews & That Ain’t Israel!”

White people have rewritten history, obscuring the true identity of God’s chosen people and erasing the evidence of their accomplishments in the world. (The Real Jews)

This site is dedicated to exposing the generation birthright thieves who continue to claim a legacy, heritage and gene that does not belong to them.

Dawud Gerschelis

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