Western Technology


It couldn’t be seen by Caucasians, recored by cameras or video and (apparently) wasn’t detected by Western satellites or any Western technology. But, according to hundreds to (now even) thousands of the city’s blacks (preceded by the sound of trumpets) the magnificent and prophesied City of Gold (better known as New Jerusalem) appeared over the downtown area and awed all who were able to behold her.

g44gl2-tvkgfbsaWhy couldn’t whites, cameras or video see or record the sacred event? According to devout Yakub Muslim and AndGodMadeLight publisher Antioch Hades, who was reportedly on hand for the appearance, The City operates on a light waves of Ultraviolet Light that can not be seen by creatures lacking Eumelanin in their Pineal Glands and is not discernible by any type of Western technology. Read More