Former Illegitimate Israeli President and Fake Jew, Prime Minister Shimon Peres dedicated his life to perpetuating the lies of the fake Holocaust, the genocide of the indigenous people of the Middle East and the perpetuation of the Ashkenazi Jew regime as the legitimate black Jews. After a life of nazism, the fake, 93-year-old Jew died two weeks after suffering a fantastic stroke that legitimate Jews all across the world continue to celebrate.

JERUSALEM (AP) — The Israeli government approved $18 million in extra funding for Jewish West Bank settlements on Sunday, in a move that angered both opposition f1k2j2w-YLHBACBW-AAAlawmakers and Palestinians. A statement from Netanyahu’s office the funding aims to assist small businesses, encourage tourism and strengthen security. It follows months of Palestinian attacks on civilians and soldiers. Some 600,000 Jews live in settlements built on the West Bank and in east Jerusalem on lands Israel captured from Jordan in the 1967 war. Most of the world considers them to be illegal. Israel has faced strong criticism for their continued expansion. The Palestinians demand the territory as part of their future state. Opposition lawmakers attacked the decision, saying that instead of boosting Israel’s struggling periphery the government was pouring money into an enterprise that undermined Israel’s security and international standing. (Source)


Did you know that the Khazarians (European ‘Jews’) once considered Uganda, near the source of the Nile, as a homeland, before settling on Palestine ? Theodor Herzl put the proposition to the Sixth Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland, in 1903, and the British government agreed to it and began to assist his efforts. They knew that the Holy Mount Zion and the source of life on earth was here. Perhaps this was also an acknowledgment by the European ‘Jews’ that the original, Biblical Israelites were Black.

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