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The Global Black Alliance (GBA) is reportedly joining the Muslim Brotherhood’s denunciation of the illegitimate Israeli regime. While GBA contacts reportedly declined comment on whether they support the Brotherhood’s call for all (fake) Jews to be killed, they are reported as saying, “the hour for Revelations 3:19 is at hand. It is time they come and worship before our feet and to know that their Yahweh has loved us and not them.”

Thanksgiving has always been among my least favorite holidays. Not merely because of the mendacity of the traditional narrative regarding its origins — you know, the whole “Indians and Pilgrims living in harmony” nonsense that conveniently ignores the genocide being planned even then by the latter — but because confining gratitude to one day of the year always seemed rather ungrateful. It always felt to me the way Yom Kippur did as a young Jewish kid: one day of atonement meant to paper over the really lousy stuff you had done the other 364 days.has always been among my least favorite holidays. (Tim Wise)

Leading Westchester County Yakub Muslims are expressing satisfaction with the completion of The Joan Arnow Melanoma Execution.
“This should be a reminder to “all those who say they are Jews but aren’t that they are of the Synagogue of Satan and are nothing more generational birthright thieves who share the same corrupt Pheomelanin of the white devils they claim they are not but are,” says minister Hakim Tafari.

According to, wrongful life claims are more prevalent in illegitimate Israel where a higher rate of genetic disorders caused by consanguineous (connected by kinship) marriages (incest) has fueled a “pro-genetic testing culture.” The county has seen an estimated 600 wrongful cases since the first in 1987.

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